Detailed list of services

Detailed List Of Services

DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE YOUR SPEAKING AND PRESENTATION SKILLS Rapidly improve your speaking skills so you come across like the polished pros do on TV. Work one-on-one with Ed Phillips who has done thousands of live radio and television broadcasts. He will show you how to overcome stage fright, prepare successful presentations and have the audience wanting more!
PRODUCE COMPELLING AUDIO, VIDEO, WEB PAGES AND DIRECT MAIL With over 35 years of multi-media experience, Ed Phillips Group has extensive experience in getting your message out. He is an expert at cost effective ways to get your message out through the right medium. Ed will show you how to get your message out with your in-house staff or do it for you.
SUCCEED WITH YOUR MARKETING AND ADVERTISINGWhat message do you want to get out? What market do you want to reach? What media do you need to use to accomplish it? Ed Phillips has had four businesses and has learned firsthand what to do and what not to do to market your business. He will show you how to get control of your marketing and advertising budgets and how to get them biggest return on your investment. Ed will act in advisory role or be with you every step of the way to make the most of your marketing and advertising budget.
PROFESSIONAL SPEAKING Ed has given hundreds of presentations to audiences as large as 25,000. With experience in radio, television and public speaking, Ed Phillips will speak to your group and bring his energy and diverse knowledge to your meetings, presentations, symposiums and conferences. Full of nuggets of information and stories he will have a “take home” for everyone. Ed can cover a broad range of topics including: Television, Radio, the press, communications, politics, and even the weather.