What Others Say About Ed...


    • “Your presentation was fast moving, entertaining and on point. Thank you for inspiring and rewarding our employees. I continue to hear great comments about your presentation and truly you set the standard for professional speakers.”
    • Susan Bitter Smith
    • President, Central Arizona Water Conservation District Board of Directors
    •  The most significant event, which has happened to me this year, has been having you as my CEO Business Coach/Consultant for the past 10 months! You are like a volcano of fresh ideas, but when the information comes, it is laser-beam-precise and right on target. As a result my business has improved dramatically! ‘I waited too long to hire Ed Phillips’”
    • Jean Rice
    • President / CEO
      Jean Rice Healthcare Consulting
    • “I didn't think I could learn so much about speaking to an audience in such a short period of time Working with you was a joy and mind expanding experience! Thank you for sharing your breadth and depth of knowledge.”
    • Clayton Janson
    • CFP® Certified Financial Planner
      2150 E. Highland Ave, Ste. 212,
      Phoenix, AZ 85016